My favorite part of last week. :)

My favorite part of last week. :)

Bethany’s drawing.

Bethany’s drawing.

Anonymous said: What do you think about Bethany's drawing? In last nights episode, it showed that who we think is Mrs. D was wearing a yellow scarf, but Ali just so happened to be choked by a yellow scarf. Coincidence or No?

Great question! I’ll make sure to post the picture In a minute so everyone can see it.
The only thing is that the scarf is actually not colored. The only colored part of the drawing is yellow hair for the woman and red roses.

I think of two things when I look at the drawing. Mrs D is distracted by her flowers and lovely life whilst a monster is screaming at her. It makes me to think it’s metaphorical for “a monster lives next door” or possibly that Bethany looks at herself as the monster screaming for Mrs D attention which makes me wonder what their relation is. Maybe Bethany was the one Mrs D was protecting.

Hope this helps!

Guys I’m getting burnt out on theories.
I know I haven’t posted much lately but in my defense PLL isn’t giving me much to work with!

Be back soon. xx

Anonymous said: So there will be 7 seasons of PLL in total?? Or just 6?

I believe 7 :)

Writer Marlene King on Sydney Driscoll:

"King: Sydney is played by Chloe Bridges and her storyline, interesting enough, is something we came up with a couple seasons ago. We’ve been waiting for her to be available. We specifically wrote some of this just for this actress, and you’ll understand why as you get to know her character. That’s a little bit of a clue that pays off later.

She’s a swimmer and she befriends Emily and Paige, becoming very instrumental in helping Emily and Paige reconnect as friends — at least in the beginning of our story. Last we left them, things were very estranged.”

It’s clear that Sydney was involved in something BEFORE season 5, and I remembered Lucas talking to a dark haired woman a few seasons back. IF this woman was meant to be Sydney then this could be Lucas’s “girlfriend” but more importantly, it might be Lucas who met with her, Jenna and Mona.

Anonymous said: Why do you think Ali didn't have a scar on her head from where she was hit with a rock ( when she was buried) ?? I've heard it's because that was the twin and that's why she was freaking out

Well I don’t think we’re done hearing about Ali’s head injury yet.  It sounded like they are looking further into her head injury because Ali now has to get an xray.

If Ali was hit with a rock like she claims, it would leave severe bruising but unless there was a sharp edge I doubt it’d leave a scratch that could turn into a definitive scar.

As for the Ali’s twin theory:
Sasha Pieterse who plays Ali said in an interview that Ali does not have a twin in the show, but another character does.

Hope this helps!


Anonymous said: is this the last pll season?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>?>

Nope PLL just announced last week they’re gonna have 2 more seasons! :)

This gives me comfort. Haha

This gives me comfort. Haha

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