Happy Easter, my little liars! 

Happy Easter, my little liars!

Ali in TWO Love Triangles?

“‘Now that Alison’s returning, there’s a couple love triangles that could be swirling out there, and fans have been really pushing us to consider this love triangle between Ali, Paige, and Emily, so that’s something we’re thinking about.’

‘PLL’ writer Joseph Dougherty previously revealed, this will be ‘the most interesting triangle of the season.’

However, King said that Ali will be part of a “couple” love triangles, and we’re thinking that a Hanna/Caleb/Alison triangle could also be on the horizon — especially since writers have been teasing about a possible Alison/Caleb kiss.

King also teased that there will be a big reveal in episode 100, but that reveal will sadly not be the identity of ‘A.’ She teased that the ‘very big mystery … will ask more questions, of course, but you will get closer to a mystery that PLLs have been talking about for one or two seasons.’”

‘Pretty Little Liars’ returns to ABC Family on Tuesday, June 10!

If you ask me, I think the second love triangle will be with Ezra and Aria! Isn’t that..obvious? Besides, when Caleb returns there will already be a sort of triangle with Caleb/Hanna/Buzzed-Hair Guy.

SOURCE: http://popcrush.com/pretty-little-liars-spoilers-ali-return-love-triangle-a/

Very Interesting

Very Interesting

Anonymous asked: it was @ the paley festival thingy

Alright 38 minutes into Paleyfest and a bit of research later..

Spencer walked in on Ezra in the greenhouse.  He didn’t try to catch her attention, but he was found out when he knocked over a plant, to which Spencer initiated the attack. Spencer hits Ezra and he goes still, before she can take off his mask he grabs her hand and she immediately steps backwards and hits her head on the corner and Ezra leaves.

He never really attacked her at all. He was just as much a deer in the headlights as she was, just trying to get out before Spencer finds out he’s up to something.

Hope this helps! :)

liar-293 asked: Nobody notices that Ali didn't tell anything about Jenna and Garret? I mean, 'that night' Jenna and Garret went and they spoke with Ali, Garret almost hit her, and the whole time Jenna thought that Garret killed her, it isn't just a detail... I think that it's more than a coincidence that Ali has straight hair in these moment, maybe it isn't Ali, maybe it's her twin idk!!! i'm so obsesed with the finale!!

Oh my gosh, that is weird. So much went on during “that night” that some things slipped my attention. Not only that but Ali didn’t mention why she needed the money she tried to blackmail out of Byron, and no one addressed the potential pregnancy?

I was really surprised they didn’t show Ali with straighter hair in other flashback scenes like the one with Garrett & Jenna and with Byron.  It is inconsistent.  I cant figure out if it’s a makeup dept error or if it means something.  I’m sure Ali hasn’t told us the ENTIRE truth, right? :)

p-astelmoon asked: Hey! What are your opinions on Melissa? I read all the theories on your tumblr which are sooo good but I didn't really find much about Melissa. She's just so mysterious to me and I just don't get whatever she has to do with anything hahaha...

I suppose I really haven’t posted a lot about Melissa, she’s so spotty on the show it’s hard to link her to anything! I think she and Wren are up to something.  Whether it’s A team (which I believe they were both a part of at one point but are both not anymore) or NAT club or their own personal group is beyond me. 

Melissa’s definitely shady, she shows up at just the right time, she had masks of her face? and what did she whisper to her dad in the finale??

I’ll try to look out for her and post if I find anything :)

Anonymous asked: Quick question- since Ezra isn't A, why was he in the military uniform and gas mask beating up Spencer and being creepy af in the Ravenswood episode?

Great question!

I did some research because I had never thought about it before, and writer Marlene King explained that she “thinks” there were two gas masks that night. Whether it was intended to be Luke or not is anyone’s guess but my guess is no, it was an A team member who attacked Spencer and locked Hanna in the phone booth.

Why does Spencer keep getting attacked on Halloween? haha :)

erynnann317 asked: Do you think Mrs. DiLaurentis could have a twin, and that twin is Mrs. Hastings? And maybe Mrs. Hastings was even the one who hit Ali with the rock. We did see her outside talking to Ali that night… And if Mrs. Hastings is Mrs. D's twin, it would explain A LOT about the relationship between the families (without really crossing the icky incest lines lol). What do you think??

I think thats a great theory!! I’ve wondered whether or not this “twin” is someone we already know or not. I know Mrs. D was involved that night, burying her daughter, but I don’t recall Mrs. Hastings involved.

That would be insane if true, Peter Hastings would be bouncing around between twins!

Good theory! Xoxo

Season 5 Premier called “EscApe From New York”

because even when you have a gun pointed at a black hoodie, you still can’t defend yourself. Haha ;)

Season 5 Premier called “EscApe From New York”

because even when you have a gun pointed at a black hoodie, you still can’t defend yourself. Haha ;)

yulechka-tsoy asked: Hi :) What do you think about Mona and Noel? How do you think, is it possible, that they are both consist in the A-team?

I really question Mona and Noel considering they were dating when Mona was still Original A and was in control of the game, so he had to have known something, right? And what dirt does Ali have on Noel to get him to help her?

I don’t really know if Mona is part of the A team anymore, I think if she was doing things on her own until she teamed up with Ezra for a bit and is now back to working on her own.  And since Noel is helping Ali I don’t believe he is part of the A team, although where was he when black hoodie tried to kill the girls??

I'm a 20 year old who likes to play detective. And although I'm no Nancy Drew, I think you'll enjoy. Xo ;)

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